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20 May 2018


Aluminum Necklace circa 1950
 0.75 in x 6.25 in.

EDIT Sadly, the Chemical Heritage Foundation was absorbed by Science History Institute between 2015 and 2018. You can still read about the illustrious past of the Chemical Heritage Foundation here. I will try to find new source links for the inline URLs below.

The aluminum necklace was on display at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF). A description of the exhibit is still available from an image-free post on Atomic Age jewelry.

View additional wonders from the "Chemistry and Fashion: Making Modernity" via Exhibits | Chemical Heritage Foundation.  Non-electronic viewing is possible too! This exhibit and much more is accessible to the public at the CHF Museum on 315 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Interested in the legacy left by Gordon Moore and his famous observation about the growth of technology? Read the original publication that introduced Moore's Law, Understanding Moore's Law: Four Decades of Innovation, Chapter 4, edited by David Brock.

magazine cover
The former CHF publication,
"Periodic Tabloid"
(Musings on the Molecular)

I'll provide one more chemistry related-link, about Professor A. Geim, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. In the span of ten years, he went from winning an Ig-Noble prize for levitating frogs with magnets to the Nobel Prize for introduction of the extraordinary carbonate graphene.

*Professor Geim is actually a chemist, not a physicist.

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