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21 January 2015

Cartography of Second Life

Surprise! Cartography enthusiast and mapping patron David Rumsey was there too: Viewing Second Life.

Ellie with radio in SL
I am Ellie Heartsdale. I owned a small corner plot of land on an island sim in the west. I built a little house there, for me and the piggies. I went to the Second Life synagogue, in Nessus, on Friday nights.

Second Life animals

My father was still alive then. I was working for the State of Arizona, Department of Health Services, Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs, as chief research statistician. That was my title, "Research Statistician, chief".

I was happy, but as usual, didn't realize it at the time.


Click on images to view full-sized.

SL map of Emerald Point
ThreadMap is a third-party mapping project
Location was Emerald Point

SL map
Screen shot in Hooper 

SL map screenshot
Screen shot of road map of routes throughout mainland SL

early 12 sim 2003 SL map
All sims in early days of SL, approximately January 2003

I wrote a lot more about Second Life on my WordPress blog. It is all in one place, under the category Second Life.

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