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05 July 2010

The Personal World Clock

Need to know the time, exactly? The display on one's wireless telephone is usually sufficiently close to an atomic clock for most purposes. However, if you want a world clock with cities and/or times zones customized specifically for you, then it would be worth having a look at Time and Date dot com, the most frequently used time-and-date site on the internet, according to Alexa, the web analytics company.

The site has numerous offerings, two mainstays are Time and Date's configurable World Clock as well as a variety of traditional, clever modern and even historical calendars.

The company is privately-held and based in Norway. The site also offers links to something called Znake, "the Java game", with which I had no ability whatsoever!

The Personal World Clock is available in Java applet form and with a standard customization tool, as a free or fee-based service depending on usage requirements.

There are strict usage restrictions, which I adhered to in producing one version of their date and time clock. Have a look at the site and maybe you'll find something interesting for yourself.

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