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01 May 2012

Post future modern art mystery

QR code style artwork by Dali

Click on the image to view full-sized. It is necessary, to find the many layers of detail.

Puzzling provenance

Every time I edit this post, I notice additional bits and pieces that I  missed earlier. I am uncertain whether this is even the entire image. It may be a reproduction that was photocopied from an art book (just guessing), then uploaded to Picasa. Note the curved edge on the right. Was that intentional, or created after-the-fact, by a photocopier? 

I don't know the title of this image. I found it late one evening while browsing on Google+, surfing the image galleries of strangers from around the world. It was in a collection of Salvador Dali artworks. I recognized nearly all the others, thus presume this is too. I see Dali's distinctive cameo on the upper right. When rendered as it is here, it resembles the now-familiar mask of Anonymous, more than the also-familiar look of Dali-esque cameo imagery in Persistence of Memory, and elsewhere.

Coincidence or prescience?

What I found most striking about this piece is how it evokes, for me,  a QR code! Yes, I realize that Salvador Dali predated the creation of bar codes AND QR codes by at least 50 years. Well, Dali was in his last days when bar codes were just entering widespread use. 

There was a stylistic movement in art, commonly known as "Cubism", from approximately 1900 - 1930. This could merely be an instance of that. Yet Cubism preceded Dali, and I don't recall that he was a contemporary of Picasso, et. al. 

Salvador Dali was a surrealist, chronologically on the cusp of post-modernism, and almost contemporary. But was he sufficiently contemporary to be influenced by 8-bit art, or even pixelated images? I don't know. If he were not... then... this is all the more remarkable.

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